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Let’s face it–babies are born entertainers!

Personal Hits® are a fun gift to celebrate the arrival of the new Star in
the family, commemorate a milestone event, or just reward the young
music fan in your life. They’re actual Gold Records, featuring the child’s
name as the “singer” of his or her own hit song. The label includes up to
two lines of text, with a maximum of 25 characters per line. Be creative!

The brass plaque on the 9 X 12 Gold 45 can be inscribed with the parents’ first
names as the “producers”, or personalized any way you’d like (limit 3 lines, 45
characters maximum per line). As an option, the record label can be printed with the child’s photo in the center.

The 11 X 14 Gold 45 is a little more grown-up, with up to 4 lines of text on the
brass plaque. It can also feature a larger photo on the right side, as an option.

To order, simply contact us with the frame size, song title, text, etc. We’ll send
confirmation of your order, info on submitting a digital photo, and payment
details by email. We are sure you’ll agree this is one gift you and your child
will treasure for years to come. Everyone deserves to be star!
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